Roofing Shingles

Sree Vinayaka Constructions provides the finest Roofing and Construction Services. W e are well known in the industry for our excellent workmanship, professionalism and outstanding customer service. Whether you need a roof replacement, home improvement or a new roof , Sree Vinayaka Constructions is the right choice. Shingles have been engineered to provide superior long-term performance and enhanced durability .

Striking looks, lasting beauty ,Roofing Shingles offers a wide range of colors and style choices. Manufactured using new and innovative technology, Roofing Shingles products offer superior consistency and clarity .

Colors do not change through time. The granules do not absorb water and therefore it does not deteriorate. The coloring is carried out through a ceramic process at a temperature higher than 650 degrees. The inorganic pigments used for coloring are resistant to UV radiation and to higher temperature.

Chaitanya Samparana

Whitefield, Bangalore Client : Chaitanya Developers
Consultant : In House
Scope of work : Roofing Shingles for their clubhouse

Sobha Lifestyle

Devenahalli, Bangalore Client: Sobha
Consultant : In House
Scope of work : Roofing Shingles for their villas

Infant Jesus Church

Vivek Nagar, Bangalore Client : Archbishop House
Consultant : M/s Niki Thomas
Scope of work : Roofing Shingles for Church

Alur Client

Daya MK
Consultant : Architect - In House Architect
Scope of work : Roofing Shingles for Temple

Devanahalli Vishwanatpura