Civil Construction

Sree Vinayaka Constructions is a leading engineering, contracting and construction services company. SVC is primarily focused on construction of residential and commercial buildings, composite buildings, industrial buildings, earthworks and road works. Sree Vinayaka Constructions value proposition is defined through its non-negotiable commitment to sustainable earnings growth and value creation, innovation is perhaps the central feature of Sree Vinakaya Constructions engineering work.

Technology enables increasingly complex design work, brings SVC’s offices and personnel together and maximizes productivity. We are continually developing information systems to improve our work like implementing new applications to accelerate information flow among engineering, construction, procurement and project management activities.

Structural Rehabilitation

Sree Vinayaka Constructions is a Structural engineering firm specializing in all facets of Structural, waterproofing and building envelope repair, as well as rehabilitation and renovation related engineering and consulting services for numerous clients all over India.

SVC performs a wide variety of structural-related services across various market sectors including commercial, institutional, educational, entertainment, and government.

The majority of our projects are with repeat clients, attributable to our success in cultivating long term relationship with attentive service and providing creative and cost effective solutions to engineering problems.

SVC typically provides services to building owners, portfolio managers, property managers, architects and contractors relative to distressed structures and structural components.

Structural Steel

Throughout all phases of a steel construction project, the full-service team at Sree Vinayaka Constructions utilizes a process-driven workflow to provide timely and intelligent solutions in line with customers' challenging and demanding schedules. The estimating process takes advantage of sophisticated technologies to ensure mandatory pricing consistency with critical accuracy.


Our Waterproofing systems are designed to provide protection from water ingress and damage from the basement to the roof. Our products range from the acrylic and cementitious products for internal waterproofing to preformed membranes and high tech liquid applied polyurethane systems.

At Sree Vinayaka Constructions we take special care in choosing the material required for waterproofing depending upon the specific need, cost and usage. Aside from the conventional systems, the most common materials handled by SVC are (Crystalline, Cold applied bitumen emulsions, Acrylic polymer, Cementitious Polymer modified coating, Coal Tar based Epoxy coatings, Joint sealants, APP bitumen sheet membranes, Polyurea coatings and Injection Grouting systems such as cement based, Epoxy resin based)

Roofing Shingles

Sree Vinayaka Constructions provides the finest Roofing and Construction Services. We are well known in the industry for our excellent workmanship, professionalism and outstanding customer service. Whether you need a roof replacement, home improvement or a new roof, Sree Vinayaka Constructions is the right choice. Shingles have been engineered to provide superior long-term performance and enhanced durability.

Striking looks, lasting beauty, Certain Teed Roofing offers a wide range of colors and style choices. Manufactured using new and innovative technology, CertainTeed Roofing products offer superior consistency and clarity.

Colors do not change through time. The granules do not absorb water and therefore it does not deteriorate. The coloring is carried out through a ceramic process at a temperature higher than 650 degrees. The inorganic pigments used for coloring are resistant to UV radiation and to higher temperature.

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